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About the Library

Welcome to the Mary Phelan School Library page. The library is open for book borrowing every Tuesday and Wednesday, during this time students will visit the library and borrow a book(s).

Students must return their book/s on the next library visit. If a student misplaces a book, the library asks for a $5.00 dollar payment or a donation of a gently used book.

We encourage all Mary Phelan students to take the time to check out our OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). The online catalogue gives students access to the Mary Phelan Library collection, they can reserve books, look to see newly available titles, and even leave a review or two! Educational sites and interesting links are also available in the online catalogue.

Reserving book/s from the library is also possible, just follow the instruction on book borrowing & reserving.

If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email the library technician, Mrs. Princess Wooden, her email is

[email protected]