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Mary Phelan Catholic School was officially opened Sunday November 23, 1975. Built in the South end of Guelph on the west side of the Hanlon Expressway, Mary Phelan was named after a well loved teacher and Principal from our school system. The school was originally built for 200 students and housed Kindergarten to grade six classes with a staff of only eight people including Miss M.C. Collins the principal, and the school secretary!

Through the years, Mary Phelan has had a host of caring principals. After Miss Collins came Mr. Ken Krusky, Miss Rosemary Kennedy, Mr. Abbey Densmore, Mrs. Joanne Hayter, Mrs. Josephine Scott, Mr. Tony Bazinet, Mr. Gerard Tessaro, Mr. David Marcoccia, Ms. Anne Marie McKechnie, Mrs. Linda Cotnam, Mr. Don McPhee and Mrs. Green our current Principal.

In May of 2001, Mary Phelan Catholic School opened a new chapter with a large addition and renovations to the original structure to update it to match the new wing. The new school presently houses 200 students from Junior Kindergarten through grade eight and a staff of 26 teachers, administrators, educational assistants, early childhood educators and custodians. Mary Phelan School provides students with a Catholic Education that is modern in its outlook and presentation but committed to basic education and spiritual principles.